Monday, 15 October 2012

A Seductive love story ....... Part-13

The honeymoon part is continued here...

nayeem : and after the our 1st session of love making at our honeymoon place( near a water place inside the forest ) i slept for 1 hour
nayeem : hugging each other
meeta : yeah mee too
nayeem : so u enjoyed.. i asked
nayeem : is this place made u excited?
meeta : yes dear looking at u.. so peaceful
nayeem : then gift???
meeta : what gift
nayeem : touched the lips
nayeem : right now i think this os ok
meeta : i bite the finger
meeta : looks good
nayeem : yeah wife always says that
meeta: lol
nayeem : so kising u
meeta : kissing u bacck
nayeem : ohh now feeling relaxed?
nayeem : now kissing.. coming down
nayeem : taking ur one nippl in mouth
meeta : i smile
nayeem : so after 1st session and some rest we are again locked.. in kissing
meeta : kissing u back
nayeem : meeta ... are u happy now?
nayeem : kissing u and one hand is on ur boob
nayeem : suckking hard
nayeem : one by one
meeta : kissing u on neck.. chest
meeta : thanks
nayeem : sucking uuuuuuuuuu and biting ur nipples
meeta : enjoying u r sucking
nayeem : ummm doing it more
meeta : kissing u back
nayeem : holding ur boobs with hand nad suking them
nayeem : one by one .. aaaaaaaa
meeta : enjoying ur sucking
meeta : still u have some passionate even though u had me before
nayeem : and move lower  yeah....
nayeem : kissing on ur navel  lick there
nayeem : cicle around ur navel...............
meeta : aaah  and u can see complete
meeta : waxed  my body
nayeem : u just pressed my head
nayeem : raising ur butt more
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa lickingggggggggggg
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaaah.. holding ur head
nayeem : ummm again moving to ur boobs
nayeem : and cuking them hard this time.. pressing hard
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaah enjoying ur suck
nayeem : stop sucking and look into ur eyes
nayeem : how is it baby.. wink
meeta : i smile and hug u
meeta : feels good
nayeem : (same time my left hand is one ur pussy now just massaging slowly)
nayeem : ohh realy
nayeem : yes feeling wetness inside...
meeta : yes
meeta : i smile
meeta : body got used to ur movements
meeta : so much
nayeem : now move to down and kiss here nad there
nayeem : and finally on ur pussy lips
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaammmmm
nayeem : ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
meeta : i lift my legscover in bedsheet
meeta : rolling
meeta : on bed
nayeem : ummm kissing
nayeem : and bite ur clit
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaah
nayeem : holding it in teeth just pulled little
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
nayeem : cucking with tongue now
nayeem : ummmmmm
nayeem : livking it
meeta : aaaaaaaah
nayeem : tickle it with tongue
meeta : i sit up with u and roll on bed along with u
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : tckling now
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaah
meeta : in bed sheet
meeta : with u
meeta : hhugging u
nayeem : ummmmm
nayeem : just kissing and sucking
nayeem : tickling
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : ur pussy is just becomming wet
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : raising ur butt with excitemnet
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : taking in completely
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes
meeta : spreading legs
nayeem : put my tongue inside and start fucking with tongue
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : ummmmmm aaaaaaaaa licking nd sucking
meeta : kissing u all over
meeta : ur body
nayeem : now i suck u hard
nayeem : ur body jsut  got stiffen
nayeem : and u raise ur butt and allow me to do more
meeta : aaaaaaah
nayeem : and u feel  the pressure inside
meeta : allow u more
nayeem : ready to cummmmmmmmm?
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : and takee it n
meeta : yes
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : i increase the speed
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : uuuumm darliggggggggg
nayeem : come on
nayeem : aaaaaaamm
nayeem : now u exploded
nayeem : heavily with argasm
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaah
meeta : i look at u
nayeem : keep on doing like that
meeta : and smile
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : relaxing
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. winked
nayeem : i said u missed this first time
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : and now hug u and come over u
meeta : i smile
nayeem : and rolled over and u come over me lying on my chest now
meeta : and relax
nayeem : ummmmmmmmmmmm
nayeem : baby dont relax it is time to payback
nayeem : wink
meeta : what
meeta : looking at u
nayeem : ummmmm kissingggggggg
nayeem : u know that
nayeem : winked
meeta : what
nayeem : and playing with ur boobs
meeta : looking at u
meeta : smiling
nayeem : suckingggggggggggg
meeta : i kiss u back closing eyes
nayeem : umm what hapend
nayeem : ur pussy is just rubbing my dick ( u are on top)
meeta : hugging u tightly
meeta : kissing u all over
meeta : on face, neck
nayeem : ummm touching ur waist and slide the apllu form it making visible the navel
meeta : chest
nayeem : ummmmm
nayeem : pull u over me and u offer ur boobs once again
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaah
meeta : kissing on ur forehead
meeta : and offer the boobs
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : suck nipples
nayeem : give it to me babay
nayeem : it is all mine now
meeta : kissing on ur face chest neck
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : mu cock is geetin hard now
meeta : and kissing u back
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamm
nayeem : u are now sitting on my thighh and kissing
nayeem : coming down
meeta : and moving hands on ur legs
meeta : and taking ur dick in to my hand
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaammm
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : rubbing with my hand slowly
meeta : licking with my tounge
meeta : and takkkkkkke it in completely inside my mouth
meeta : and slowly take in and out
nayeem : aaaaaaaaammmmm
meeta : licking and taking in and out
meeta : moving hands on ur body
nayeem : loocking at u and brshing ur hair with fingers
nayeem : and offering my dic more and more
meeta : slowly taking in and out
meeta : aaaaaaaaah
meeta : taking in and out
meeta : faster
nayeem : ummmm
nayeem : aaaaaaaa ooh baby
meeta : and doing faster
meeta : enjoying
meeta : in and out from my mouth
meeta : and licking it up
meeta : in between
meeta : and slowly get on top of you and ask u wanna have one more round since hard smling
nayeem : yeah
meeta : i smile and lay on top of u
meeta : and guide it
meeta : to take it inside me completely
nayeem : giving stroke from below now
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : and take it inside me with single push
meeta : and relax slowly on u
meeta : and raising my hips
meeta : moving up and down for ur strokes
nayeem : ummm
meeta : and balancing out with ur shoulderr ummm
meeta : raise up and down slow pace
nayeem : me too stroking from below
meeta : fast pace
meeta : aaaahhhhhhhhhh
nayeem : dick is moving in and out
meeta : and roll on bed
meeta : now under u
nayeem : now i took the charge
nayeem : and humpped u hard
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaaah
meeta : moan in pleasure
nayeem : excited and stroking hard and deep
meeta : and kissing u
meeta : back all over
meeta : and gettng my body stiff
nayeem : ummmm and ur pussy is fully wet and dick is moving easily
nayeem : due to lubrication
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaah takes in and out
meeta : raising up and moans in pleasure
meeta : and digging the nails on back of ui
nayeem : ummm
nayeem : ummmm
nayeem : ohh
nayeem : fuckin u like a mad
meeta : aaaaaaaah
meeta : getting crushed under u
ayeem : ummm
meeta : kissing
nayeem : fuking u liek mad
meeta : u madly
nayeem : stroking hard
meeta : and my self muscles
nayeem : pressig ur boosb hard
meeta : get hard
meeta : aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
nayeem : pinchi ur nipple
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : feeding u
meeta : aaaaaaaah
meeta : in between
meeta : taking in and out
meeta : closing my eyes relaxing under u
nayeem : aaaaaaa
nayeem : how are u feelingggggggggg
nayeem : u have cummed once again
nayeem : still i am fuckinggggggggggggggg
meeta : i smile
meeta : and look at u relaxing
nayeem : as it si 2nd round it i s taking more time to explode
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : but keep on fucking u hard
meeta : taking in and out
meeta : raising hips
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : incease he speed
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
nayeem : cummingggggggggggg babay
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i hold u tightly
nayeem : ummm
nayeem : first drop here it goes
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaah
nayeem : and after that loads of cumm inside ur womb
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i smile and take it in completely
nayeem : ummmmmm
nayeem : still stroking
nayeem : bue after cummingggggggg
nayeem : the speed subsidided
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaah
meeta : still looking at u smiling
nayeem : and lay on u
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i roll with u sleeping side
meeta : way
nayeem : smiled
meeta : and sleep on ur hand
nayeem : and cover both with the bedsheet
nayeem : and hugged u tightly
meeta : i hugged u tightly ask u why r u smiling
nayeem : ummmmmmmm
nayeem : seeing u satisfied
meeta : lol
meeta : so u thought i am not going to satisfied?
nayeem : lol
meeta : laughing at u
meeta : closing my eyes hugging u
nayeem : ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
meeta : asking plans for next day
meeta : and how long we will stay here
nayeem : u tell
nayeem : u can stay as log as u are comfortable here
meeta : lol
meeta : how many days u planned
nayeem : no planned
meeta : can i close cam now
nayeem : every thing is here
nayeem : yes if u want
nayeem : umm sleeping now
nayeem : i am feling easy with u now
nayeem : and taking a sound sleep under ur arm
meeta : i sleep too hugging u tightly
meeta : now no restrictions
meeta : u got legal authorization lol
nyeem : umm now ae both sleeping for some times
nayeem : time 12 mid night
nayeem : sleeping after two round
meeta : yes
meeta : sleeping with u
meeta : hugging u tightly
nayeem : sometiem u are besides me
nayeem : and sometimes over me
nayeem : i am feeling ur bodyweight
meeta : aaah
meeta : drolling in sleep
meeta : and keep my head on ur chest
meeta : and sleep
meeta : and kissing u in between

Seductive Love storty ......Part--12

This is the marriage day.

nayeem : so scene is i dropped her  at her place on that day and then all relatives have come so we did not get the chance to meet. Some of ur relatives just ask not to go anymore.  we  both just call each other

nayeem : so on marriage day u people come to the our hotel and completed the marriage as per the muslim tradition
meeta : taking saaree in suitcase
nayeem : so after that u went back to ur hotel and wait till be gromm come as per the hindu tradition
nayeem : in day time marriage as per muslim
meeta : k
nayeem : and in night we reached at ur place
nayeem : so marriage completed
meeta : k
nayeem : now u have to come to our home
nayeem : .. Bidai
meeta : Bidai?
nayeem : hindi word
nayeem : so now after some times in early morning we are at our home
nayeem : now u are Mrs Nayeem khan..
nayeem : so no need to take permission from anybodyy to meet me
nayeem : but still u are in one room where some relative ladies are there
nayeem : no permission fo r me to enter
meeta : okay
nayeem : not exactly permision
nayeem : and u too take rest
meeta : feels exciting
nayeem : and in the morning 8 -9 am we wake up
nayeem : so ome ladies are telling u for ur honeymoon night
nayeem : where to prepare etc
nayeem : to decorate to our bed room
nayeem : and so on etc etc
nayeem : mom came to u and all chit chat goes on
nayeem : so tht day hearing the arrangement i told them not ot make any arrangement
nayeem : as we are going somewhere else
meeta : okay
nayeem : so i told to mom and ask there permission to take u to hineymoon on same day
meeta : okay i pack my luggage
nayeem : my?
meeta : ours
nayeem : yeah thats sounds better
meeta : k
nayeem : now after lunch we bid bye to all
nayeem : and new couple sit in car
nayeem : and now i move the car
nayeem : dont adjust pallu baby
meeta : i ask u where r we going
nayeem : surprise and i drive: u are in saree now
nayeem : looking at u winked
meeta : i smile
nayeem : so how are u feeling being mrs Nayeem Khan
meeta : tell me what the surprise
meeta : still in confusion smiling
nayeem : confusion? i hold ur hand
nayeem : now car is on highway
nayeem : we have left the town
meeta : i hold ur hand tightly
nayeem : suddenly i stop the car on one lonely plcae
nayeem : and hold ur face tightlyy.. and kisss u hard
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : ummmmmmmmmmmaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i smile 1st kiss after marriage... yeah  even after 3 days
nayeem : is not it long time? kissed u again
nayeem : vehicles are passing but i dont care now
meeta : yeah kissing u back
nayeem : bite ur lips lightly and sukk urs
nayeem : so welcome my darling
nayeem : lets go
nayeem : see the surprise
meeta : to where
nayeem : then i move the car again
meeta : i hold ur hand
nayeem : did not tell any thing just hold ur hand
nayeem : and from side i put my hand below ur pallu......
nayeem : and tell dont worry you wil like what is waiting for u there
nayeem : ( in my car dicky i have all all arrangements u dont know)
meeta : k smiling and remove ur hand since driving
nayeem : i take off my hand
nayeem : an drive silently now
nayeem : and now we are moving fast
meeta : i turn on the ac
nayeem : and music sytem
meeta : i close my eyes listening to music
nayeem : so after 2 hours i turn the car
nayeem : to wards forest road
meeta : i suddenly get up and look at u and ask u where r we going
nayeem : dont u like fresh air?
nayeem : and driving
meeta : i do like dear
nayeem : (it is a fgreen forest and thick too. i know there is a small waterfall though it has not been developed for tourist.  thats why i have chosen this place)
meeta : okay dear smiling
naeem : but keep on driving for another 2 hours
meeta : i was enjoying the fresh air
nayeem : and we reach there around 3 pm after 4 hours long drive
nayeem : away from town
meeta : i get down from the car
nayeem : so how is this?
meeta : no signals to mobile
nayeem : place... pleasent... peaceful
nayeem : ohh yeah no signal to mobiles
nayeem : small waterfall: virgin area
nayeem : not like u.. wink
meeta : i smile
nayeem : so i getdown
nayeem : and come to u
meeta : i get down
nayeem : and hug u from behind
nayeem : u are just looking around
nayeem : seeing the small mouthain and water fall and all
nayeem : just getting excited
meeta : i smile and turn to ur side
meeta : and say thanks
meeta : its peaceful
nayeem : i have hugged u tightly from behind and kissing on ur neck
nayeem : umm
nayeem : so did u like this place ya not. We have time to go back
nayeem : decide baby
meeta : yeah i liked it
nayeem : sure
nayeem : nothing will be here
meeta : where did u found this place
nayeem : and u have to arrange all thing here on ur own
nayeem : ya want hotel room and  where u have nothing to do as every thing will be thre in just a call
nayeem : decide.... meeta
nayeem : now i told then lets make the thing to put at right plave
nayeem : asked u to help me
meeta : okay will help u
nayeem : first change ur dress now
nayeem : now i open the dicky
nayeem : take the things out
nayeem : the tent
meeta : i look at all the stuff
meeta : small stove and and bed
meeta : tent
meeta : i help u in taking them out
nayeem : ya summer camp tent
nayeem : one gas chulalah
meeta : yes smiling
nayeem : and some utensil(( steel )
nayeem : and some plates
meeta : cups, spoons
nayeem : it is a 7x 7 medium size tent
nayeem : and put the beds etc in it
meeta : lights
meeta : and arrange the things and lie on bed
nayeem : and arraneg the gas and kitchen utensil nearby
nayeem : (( tent is just below a big tree near it root )
nayeem : and it is a moutanious area
meeta : so how many days are we going to stay here
nayeem : so neraby some rocks are there
nayeem : so arraneg the kitchen things there
nayeem : now showed u the dicky
nayeem : now ur fev things are there...
nayeem : thngs to be consumed
nayeem : food articles baby
nayeem : i tink u will be happyseeing these things
meeta : lol
meeta : i smile and arrange them
nayeem : some veggie some dry foods mafggie is there
nayeem : coffee sugar and milk powder
nayeem : i have arranged all
nayeem : s it takes another 1 and half hors to put the thing in places
nayeem : and above all car is there to sleep if it rains.. i wink
meeta : what
nayeem : if it rains
nayeem : we can be either in tent ya in car
meeta : k smiling
nayeem : so tired??
meeta : yes looking at u and make tea for both of us
nayeem : yeah
nayeem : thanks baby
nayeem : no chair no sofa no bed so is it ok?
meeta : and sit besides u having tea on the rocks
meeta : yes it is fine
nayeem : u have to use these big rocks as chair and soafa waht ever u call it
meeta : okay no problem smiling
nayeem : i hold ur hand and pull u closer and ask u on my left thigh
nayeem : u can use it too.. wink
meeta : k smiling
meeta : and through the paper cups and say i will get fresh up
nayeem : yeah
meeta : and take towel and ask u which dress u want me to
nayeem : wink
nayeem : u know it baby
nayeem : but u get freshed and i am coming
nayeem : (and wanted to give u some time too, so that u can think and plan accordingly for the night)
meeta : i take the towel and get in to the water
nayeem : and u can take a bath( not shower)
meeta : i dont have big surprises like u
meeta : smiling and taking bath near the fall
nayeem : i went to deep forest and have some flowers( junglee flowers etc and coem back and put it inside the tent)
nayeem : ( ur changing room will be behind that tree J
meeta : i finish my shower and changed my self to saree
nayeem : shower??
nayeem : shower under water fall??
meeta : yes
meeta : i make maggie for both of us
nayeem : takingg food
meeta : i have maggie with u and ask u do u want to fresh up
nayeem : ok now told u nothing to do much just make maggiee
nayeem : yeah i have to take a bath
nayeem : but after maggie
nayeem : i told u
nayeem : now u bring the maggie in one plate
nayeem : adn we both siting and taking with two spoons
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nice
meeta : yeah smiling
meeta : and finish off the ffood
nayeem : i told u i am coming after taking bath freshen up
nayeem : now it is and dark
meeta : i smile and change back to the saree in tent itself
nayeem : ( the solar lamp is there only and some moonlight)
meeta : and arrange the room
nayeem : ur jweleery what ever u like
meeta : with flowers
nayeem : an i went for bath and changed myself to pathan suit
nayeem : that u had purchesed for me ...
meeta : i lay on bed reading magaizes and waiting for u
meeta : cool breeze
nayeem : yeah … u are waiiting
meeta : laying from back(in the same position as in cam)
nayeem : yes
nayeem : i came inside
nayeem : now
nayeem : ( wow .... )
meeta : i turn to ur side
meeta : and look at u smiling
nayeem : smiling ...
nayeem : and sit besides u
nayeem : without saying anythingg
nayeem : looked into ur eyes
meeta : i smile and say dont look at me like tthat
meeta : now i am urs only
nayeem : just looking into ur eyes
nayeem : moving closer
meeta : i move back on the bed
meeta : stretching my legs
meeta : and giving u space
nayeem : lean over u and kiss on ur forhead
nayeem : and on ur eyes one by one
meeta : i look at ur eyes and kiss u back
nayeem : moves lower and and our lips just touched
nayeem : jsut touchinggg
meeta : i bite ur fingers
meeta : smiling at u
meeta : (lol)
nayeem : feeling?
meeta : yes
nayeem : now our lip are just touching
nayeem : and i move my hand behind ur head
nayeem : and suddenly kissed u like a mad lover
nayeem : ummmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaah
nayeem : sucking ur lips and kising
meeta : i smile kissing u back
nayeem : give u a hard kiss
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : u are jsut responding
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
nayeem : cam?
nayeem : why ddi u close?
meeta : i didnot
nayeem : umm now kissing u like this way
nayeem : and there is no chancefor u  to kss me back but u are jsut respnding
nayeem : and ksie u for long and leave u
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm
nayeem : how was it??
meeta : aaaaaaah
meeta : i smille and dont answer
nayeem : ummm now i give another soft kiss
meeta : i lay on bed relaxing]
nayeem : i am siting beside u strethig my legs and our legs are jsut touching
meeta : (got it)
nayeem : just loking at u and remove ur pallu from chest
nayeem : i jsut slide ur pallu
nayeem : now u are in blouse on top only and lying in front of me
meeta : i roll on bed wrapping pallu
nayeem : now i move move my fingers( left hand) from ur lips to down
nayeem : move my fingers ad move doen
nayeem : finger just moves from cleavage to navel
meeta : aaaaaah
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : touched navel
nayeem : slide sdown the pallu now
nayeem : now u hold ur left boob
nayeem : and press little
nayeem : showing ur navel to me
nayeem : now u lean more
nayeem : and kiss over ur boluse and press my face on itttttttttttt
nayeem : ummm
meeta : i smile and kiss on ur forehead
nayeem : bite over the blosue aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : kissed on ur navel and lick it there
nayeem : with tongue aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i respond to ur kisses
meeta : kissing u back
nayeem : ummm
nayeem : now while kissing on navel
nayeem : i opened the  bottons one by one
nayeem : one bottons
nayeem : 2nd... 3rd.... 4th
nayeem : here the last
nayeem : now i slideit to both side kiss on ur bobs
nayeem : putting ur left boob in my mouth  over the bra
nayeem : just bitttttte
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : give it to me babay
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : ummm toiching ur nipple
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaa now sucking both one bye one
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i smile u have already seen me dear kissing u back on ur forehead
nayeem : same time untie ur saree from waist
nayeem : and taking it off completely. now u are in peticoat only
nayeem : but i am sucking hard
nayeem : suckig ur nipples aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i remove ur sherwani top
meeta : and kisssing u back
nayeem : ummm aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : now make u complete naked  and kiss u allover
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaah
meeta : kissing u back i remove ur sherwani completely
nayeem : yeah
meeta : and get in to the bedsheet
nayeem : now i come over u
nayeem : kissing u while  hugging u .
nayeem : lying over u completely (touching body to body )
meeta : thanks for the surprise..
nayeem : touching chst to chest legs to legs
nayeem : here it is ....
nayeem : and both are excited and u are also and u are hugging me
nayeem : and same time i raise my hips and put the tip against ur pussy lipssssss
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaah
nayeem : can i???
meeta : i kiss u all over u r body
nayeem : without waitit give a hard stroke
meeta : i say yes in ur ears
nayeem : stroked again while kissing ur lips and cheek
meeta :  aaaaaah
nayeem : another hard stroke 3rd
nayeem : i am inside u now
meeta : i take it in completely controlling the little pain
meeta : i hug u tightly
nayeem : ummm
meeta : kissing u back
nayeem : kising
meeta : on chest
meeta : shoulders
meeta : and moving hands around
nayeem : as ur pussy is moist now
nayeem : i am strokign it easily
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i respond to ur strokes
meeta : slowly raising hips
nayeem : u are flexing th muscle arouund my cock
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaah
meeta : and my body is tight
nayeem : umm
meeta : responding to ur strokes
nayeem : keep on fuking rolled on bed
nayeem : making u come over me and hug u tightly
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaaaah
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i hug u tightly and raise my self
nayeem : again come over u and start stroking
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaaaaah moaning in a silent forest
nayeem : when u come over me and just fondle ur hanging boobs over my chest
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaah
meeta : taking in commpletely
meeta : and responding to ur strokes
nayeem : ummmm
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : i kiss u back all over
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : shoulder neck chest
nayeem : umm fucking you hard
meeta : and hold ur hands tightly
nayeem : now u are on my top
nayeem : rather u are fucking me nowwwwwwwwwww
nayeem : lol
meeta : lol
nayeem : ummmmmm
meeta : aaaaaaaaaaah
nayeem : alternatively we are doing it
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : how is it baby?
nayeem : ummm
meeta : i smile and dont answer
nayeem : it lasted around 20-30 mins
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : and we both cummed heavily filling ur love tunnel J
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
meeta : aaaaaaaaah
meeta : i smile at u and say first session after marriage
nayeem : first time u are taking my hot fluid inside u
nayeem : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nayeem : yeah
nayeem : i am over u
nayeem : just lying
nayeem : and u hugge me
meeta : i relax under u stretcing the musles
meeta : and huggng u tightly
nayeem : u have made marked on my back with ur nails
meeta : i roll with u to the side
nayeem : yes
meeta : and lay on ur shoulder
meeta : looking at u
nayeem : smilinggggggg
nayeem : liek that way we are just laying there
meeta : yes laying besides each other
meeta : and say thanks for the surprise
nayeem : in between small kisses
nayeem : ((( dont frget ur pussy and and fluid??? )
nayeem : lol
meeta : ( its 7:15pm)
nayeem : yes
nayeem : now we took the rest
meeta : i know
nayeem : how was the first session??